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)  5 Good Reasons to get our Stock Recommendations
Trade stocks

We deliver results based on realistic returns in your portfolio. Our system-set Target Price helps you know when to get out, allowing you to capture the highest returns in the shortest possible time. By targeting and achieving a profit, you are able to re-enter the market and compound your returns many times over the year.

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Stock advice

You will see results in just weeks...not months or years. There are many stocks that hit our profit targets within the first week of appearing on the list, balanced with our longer plays. Pre-calculated and cash tested stop-loss triggers means you are out of the market if you need to be. Many picks are excellent longer term performers easily exceeding the five percent target. You don't have to try to time the markets. You go in at the right price and you get out based on an achievable profit target.

Stock tips

We give you an unbeatable Risk Management System. Pre-calculated and cash tested stop-loss triggers means you are out of the market if you need to be. Combine a stop loss and a trailing stop... we show you how.

Hot Stocks

Make Money whether an up or down market prevails. Our selected stocks go up even when the markets are going sideways or down. There are always stocks that run contrary to the markets and we find them for you. More importantly, we tell you when it is safer time to enter the play and how to stick with the winners.


It Works! More than 75% of the time and has been working for our clients for more than 5 years. The BuyZone Review system is time-proven and when followed correctly, has the potential to provide handsome returns to Active Investors. Please contact one of our representatives for additional information.

The BuyZone Review gives Active Investors the added confidence and insight into stock values that is needed to succeed in today's volatile markets.